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A house with a wealth of tradition!

"Hirsch" in Grimmelfingen was mentioned in a document for the first time in the year 1794 in relation to the Baptism of the landlord's son, Johann Balthas Liebhardt. He wasn't only a restaurant owner as his forefathers used to be but also a beer brewer and farmer. Brewing rights remained in the hands of the Liebhardt family until World War I. Due to famine, the grain was needed for food and therefore the Liebhardt gave up brewing beer. On the other hand, farming activities were kept up until just a few years ago. And of course, the menu boasted "own production" at that time.

It is with this tradition in mind that we pay special attention to the quality of our food and drink with seasonal character which in turn means only the freshest of ingredients the season has to offer. Allow us to spoil you in our friendly dining rooms with a large culinary offering.

One of the other proud traditions we continue is the production of schnapps based on old family recipes. It may be a long process but definitely one which is worth it. Be the judge for yourself and try our "Obstler", "Williams Christ" or the "Quittenbrand"... and of course only organic fruit is used in the distilling process.

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