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In Ulm and Ulm's surroundings....

there is very much to experience and discover. For example, the one time "Reichstadt" boasts the highest church tower in the world (161 m.) or visit the Bread Museum, the City Hall or the contreversial "Stadthaus". A large number of castles and barock buildings are located in and near Ulm and the new "Legoland" theme park in Günzburg is only 40 Km. away.

The surroundings of Ulm also offers caves in Blaubeueren which can be viewed, you may hike around the famous "Blautopf" or visit the many picturesque towns if you wish. Day trips in the Allgäu, to "Bodensee" (Lake Boden) along the famous "Barockstraße" or a day in Switzerland are just one of many suggestions of how you can spend your holidays or weekends.

Ulm is a university city highly reknowned for its scientific reputation. Not only due to the unviersity clinics but also for the DaimlerChrysler Research Center. The Ulm/Donautal industrial park is situated only 2 Km. from our hotel. A variety of large national and international companies have settled there such as ratiopharm, Iveco Magirus, Kögel, Gardena, Anschütz, Nagel, Krieghoff and the Wieland-Werke.

More information is available at our reception desk regarding the leisure offerings or one of the companies mentioned above.